Trainer Mitch




  • Boot Camp Trainer
  • 2 Years

Mitchell Tong – Boot Camp Trainer

Mitch has been with close to 2 years and has built up quite a following. Known for his tough CBD AM sessions, Mitch has brought a fresh look to our boot camp sessions.

“Sports and exercise has always been a big part of my life. Growing up playing multiple team sports, I have always found boot camps and group sessions fun and exciting and highly motivating for myself!

My background in physical activity is rugby union/rugby league and touch football. When I am not playing these sports I enjoy resistance training, cardio circuits, and over the last year began participating in functional movement based workouts. 

I have always seen fitness as a never-ending project, because I feel ones progress has no limit if you keep setting new targets. I approach my fitness training with the attitude that ‘variety is best’ which is why I will find myself doing all different types of training throughout the week to keep my body conditioned for different styles of movement”