Trainer Ricardo




  • Boot Camp Trainer
  • 1 Year

Ricardo – Boot Camp Trainer

I grew up in the UK and for the last year I have called Australia home. I started in the gym at the age of 16 but never had any goals or actual knowledge about training.  I soon realised was that there was so much I didn’t know. What annoyed me more was that when I was training I clearly needed help and yet not a single PT in any of the gyms I trained at ever approached me to offer help.
Last year I decided to get qualified. This way I could help people like me.  I’ve now completed my Cert 3 in fitness and am a few months from completing Cert 4.
On top of the standard certificates I have also completed courses for kettlebells, power bags, battling ropes and mobility with more yet to come.
Focusing on posture and getting people moving pain free and functional my workouts will always be fun and challenging by incorporating all muscle groups, cardio and everyday movements.