Trainer Mirna




  • Boot Camp Trainer / Personal Trainer (Trainee)
  • 1 Year

Mirna – Boot Camp Trainer/Personal Trainer (Trainee)

Mirna started with us at the end of 2015… as a client. She started her weight loss journey with us and has transformed her life and her body. Losing over 40kg in 2 years, Mirna is an inspiration to anyone who thinks its too hard to get results. Check out her before and afters in our “Success Stories” to see what we mean!

Mirna has completed her Cert 3 and has been taking regular boot camps. She is fast becoming known for tough sessions which are in line with the Blueprint mould.

Mirna is on her way to being a fully qualified trainer and under Craig’s watchful eye, has been taking on some of Blueprint’s current Personal Training clients to gain more experience.

We look forward to helping her continued development and her becoming an even bigger part of the Blueprint team.