12 Week Challenges


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We run TWO Brisbane 12 Week Challenges each year.  One starts in February the other around August.

More information will be made available on our next Challenge close to the date!

We are constantly looking at ways to make our challenges better, so far no challenge has been the same.

We are always looking to make the next one bigger and better!

Each challenge there is over $2000 in Cash prizes!  Plus hundreds of dollars of sponsors prizes!

See our Success Stories, some motivation to get you started.  As you will see, its Real People with Real Results.


Some questions we get asked often:

How are 12 Week Challenge sessions different to normal PT sessions?

They are not a lot different to be honest, except the fact that money is up for grabs and there are “Fitness Challenges” along the way.


Do you help clients out with their food outside of challenges?

Yes we do.  ALL Personal Training clients get tailored nutritional advice.


Can anyone take part?

Of course, we cater to all fitness levels, ages and train people with all sorts of different goals.


Should we get started now or wait until the next challenge starts?

You should never put off starting out on your fitness journey, and starting a challenge without training with us first is always going to be harder as it will take us some time to get to know you.  We would recommend starting Personal Training or our Indoor/Outdoor CBT sessions as soon as you can and join in the next challenge when it comes about.


You can see the people we have helped here: (click on most recent)


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