It has been an absolute pleasure working for Blueprint during the last 18months. Craig has built an incredibly tight-knit community of fitness warriors who encourage each other and make my work fun. I will be sad to say goodbye to such a fantastic group. If you want more than just a boot camp or 'just another PT' then Blueprint is the place to go. - JESS


I’ve been attending boot camp with Craig and his team for around 6 weeks. I wanted to get back into good health and fitness slowly after some health issues. Craig is very supportive whilst still kicking my arse when I need it! He has this gift of knowing when you’re being slack and can do more!! Thanks Craig for all your support. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who needs their arse kicked! - TEENA


I've been with Blueprint for 6 weeks doing boot camps and PT sessions and can't praise them enough. I'd never done any fitness training or been to a gym in my life and really wanted to do something about my health & fitness. I've found Craig and his team to be professional, friendly and encouraging but most of all they really care. I've seen great results in my fitness in this short time and I honestly couldn't recommend Blueprint enough to anyone thinking about making some changes in their life - DAVE


I joined Blueprint for 5 weeks to get some variety in my training (yoga and swimming). 2.5 years later and I'm addicted. I've seen some great results in my PT and boot camps as well as improvements in my yoga and swimming. Craig has been great and takes my injuries and rehabilitation into consideration for my PT sessions - JESSIE


I have been training with Craig and Blueprint for close to 2 years. I remember the first session I came to and I couldn't finish. But Craig's motivation has kept me going all this time. I am about to have my second baby and I have been doing Pilates in the studio to help me with my flexibility and mobility and it has helped greatly. I would like to thank Craig for all his hard work and for answering all my questions. I will be back after I given birth to get fit and strong again! - SELINA


If you're looking for a great trainer, look no further! Craig is a true professional - encouraging, motivating and dedicated to his clients. He has helped me lose weight, designed an eating plan for me and helped with my overall self esteem. Thanks Craig! - TRACY


Blueprint is the only fitness group that I've wanted to keep going and going to. I've been with them now for about a year and started with the lunch time boot camps. They were the highlight of my day! I was so sad when i got a job out of the cbd, but I still manage at least two mornings a week because I don't want to leave. Head coach Craig is very responsive and puts a huge amount of time and energy into making sure everyone is on track. Between Craig and the other trainers you get a wide variety of exercises that never get boring, and I'm seeing great results in weight loss and strength. The Blueprint army is a community and everyone supports each other and is an overall nice bunch of people. Don't feel shy or nervous about contacting Craig if you are interested. No matter your size or fitness level you will be welcome - KIM


It took me some time to get into such a great space. I tried many times to set routine but it always ended the same way - doing nothing for weeks, smashing out a hike when time permitted, then hurting for a week. The Blueprint team are just plain awesome! I love the variety at boot camp and I can't imagine my week now without exercising. I put my new good habits down to great laughs, support, pushing you to do 'one more' and the inner community. Stellar service Craig!! - DJANA


Thanks for all of your help so far. I have learnt so much since starting with Craig and it has made me more confident in life and in the gym. Would highly recommend to anyone who has tried previous gyms and not got the results they have wanted. The studio is very private and you don't feel like another number. Thank you!! - KRISTEN


Fantastic studio... No crowds, no meat heads posing, just a cool cat Trainer helping me get into shape. Not the first time I've used a PT but it's the first time I've considered an ongoing partnership. I couldn't recommend this place and Craig Bridgland high enough! 6 stars! - MATT


If there were 100 stars on here I would tick it. Craig from Blueprint Health and fitness is not only a great personal trainer,he is more than that he is a life coach and would give you the shirt off his back. I had the pleasure of having Craig train me and not once did I ever feel like I was just a number! He actually cares about your health and goals! I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone! Thank you for everything and all of your help over the last year - BEC


Blueprint has helped me so much to become a stronger person mentally and physically. There was always a new challenge to face when it came Saturday boot camps. Craig is a great motivator and will help anyone achieve any goal! Gonna miss this amazing group of people - TAHLIA


Thank you for making me be a part of this fun and great training group. I loved every bit of training and Craig for your encouragement and support. I highly recommend Blueprint Fitness to all. Best group of people to train with. Thank you Craig. All the best - ALICE


I don't remember how many years ago it started, all I know is that it scared me, it really scared me. Every morning waking up to a face twice the size it was in the evening - I was too scared to see a doctor because I was convinced it was going to be bad news, so like many people I ignored it and never sought professional advice. Since starting the 12 week challenge the swelling subsided and as I wasn't exposed to it every morning in the mirror I had forgotten about it all together, even though it had made me sick with fear for years. I've since googled the symptoms (I was too scared to do this before) and one of the causes is Water Retention due to *Bad Diet*, *processed foods* and *not enough water*. Go Figure. I can't thank Craig Bridgland​​ enough for the positive change he has made to my health. Your health is your wealth and Craig has made me feel very rich indeed - BRITTANY


Loving the boot camp sessions... they're always different, groups aren't packed to the max so you get some personal attention from the trainers. They always make sure to keep an eye on your form & give advice etc. the groups cater to a range of fitness levels so I have never felt intimidated at a session. This means I enjoy it more and try and push myself, rather than worrying the whole session about how pathetic I might look to the fitter ones! - SERENE


Blueprint health and fitness is unique in the way that it deals with clients and Craig, the owner, makes you feel comfortable and at ease whilst reaching your fitness goals. Excellent boot camps, motivating Facebook and text support, realistic food plans and PT sessions that push you to try your hardest are the reason why Blueprint is the best fitness choice I've ever made! - ALIDA


A HUGE thank you Craig and Blueprint Health and Fitness – it took me so long to get active again after time off with my knee and without Blueprint boot camps and Craig's encouragement and patience I would most likely still be sitting on the couch hiding from it all.  Blueprint lunchtime CBD boot camps are awesome - no matter how old and slow I am I never felt self-conscious or out of place – the sessions are heaps of fun and the perfect break from work in a great setting! - JEMMA


I've been strength training with Craig for 12 months now - geeze time flies! Ticking over into the 1/2 half of my century little things really do start happening to the ageing body. I scoffed at it, but its true... Before strength training with Craig I was experiencing hip pain very often (most especially in the mornings) along with the need for regular osteopathic visits for upper back and neck work. These nagging issues have mostly been non-existent from a few weeks into training last year. Your training really works, and Craig I thank you for that - WENDY


When I first started training with Craig I couldn't even squat due to a serious injury suffered last year. In the 5 months I've been training with him I have seen huge improvement & never felt better/stronger! Without him pushing me to the limit, I would have given up a long time ago!

The way that he cares for his clients is something else, even the little things like checking in with how you're feeling the following day, as well as always being available to answer questions/concerns.

100% would recommend - MARK


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