Who are we?

We are a PRIVATE COACHING STUDIO located in Brisbane City on Elizabeth Street

Blueprint Health and Fitness caters to ALL fitness types and levels

Whether you are looking to get back into fitness, lose weight, gain muscle or prepare for a specific event, we can help you get there

We offer a wide variety of services listed below, we can also help you with your nutrition

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Personalized Coaching

Small Group Coaching

Indoor / Outdoor CBT Sessions

Corporate Training

IIFYM Nutrition

10 + 12 Week Challenges

Online Coaching

InBody Scans



I have set up my home with a state of the art, private space for not only myself to train out of but a select few clients as well.  With the latest in Strength and Conditioning equipment, if you cant make it into the city to see me, you can now see me here.

Limited spaces are available

If you are interested in this please contact me